Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picking Peaches

Nathanael and I have enjoyed a very busy start to spring this year.  We are still slowly working on decorating our master bedroom as well as a few projects in our backyard.  The most exciting thing that has happened has to be our decision to get a puppy.  We quickly decided that a goldendoodle would best suit family and lifestyle after pet-sitting for some friends with a darling doodle named Suubi.  A week or two after pet-sitting, we decided to contact our friends' breeder just to see if there were any puppies available. 

 We were very excited to find that there was a litter of puppies that had been born on March 19!

After several agonizing weeks of waiting, we were finally able to select our puppy on May 2.  We had the choice of four female pups, and they were all absolutely adorable.  I seriously wanted to bring them all home.  In the end, we decided to go with the calmest and curliest of the four.

Meet Peaches!
We brought her home on Sunday, May 15.  I am so grateful that she is sleeping through the night in her crate without crying.  We couldn't be happier with our little puppy!

Taking her morning nap...so far we have only heard her growl and bark in her sleep.

She looks like a little teddy bear and is proving to be a quick learner.  We love her so much already!  Last but not least, here is a video from her first day at home.

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  1. Adorable pictures and video! Can't wait to meet her!